Teaching strategies

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Teaching Methodologies and Strategies

There are a number of different teaching methods that can be put into practice in the classroom. However, some popular strategies include:
  • Grouping students by level or ability level
  • Using visual aids (such as charts or graphs) to enhance understanding
  • Breaking down information into small manageable chunks
  • Encouraging hands-on activity/modeling during lectures

ART Integrated Training🎨

Teaching is integrated with different art forms, the class becomes interesting and efficient as well. Students enjoy learning in such classes. Learning outcomes are also met.

Integrating various art forms into a regular classroom setting allows students to experience different perspectives on life and learn in a fun and engaging way.


Technology Teaching👩‍💻

Using technology in the classroom is a great way to engage students and keep up with contemporary standards. Interactive whiteboards or mobile devices allow teachers to display images and videos.

which helps students visualize new academic concepts. Learning becomes more interactive as students are actively involved in the learning process.

Augmented Reality In Teaching🦘

Augmented Reality has become a great tool for teachers to educate their students. By using this technology, students can see objects in reality and learn more about them.

This allows classes to become more fascinating and engaging, which ultimately helps the students to retain information better.

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